Doing Business Internationally, Second Edition: The Guide To Cross-Cultural Success

Doing Business Internationally, Second Edition: The Guide To Cross-Cultural Success

(Read download) Doing Business Internationally, Second Edition: The Guide To Cross-Cultural Success

Book Snippet : “This is an important and excellent book for every negotiator.” -The Negotiator Magazine The premier guidebook for conducting cross-cultural business Doing Business Internationally, Second Edition, is a nontechnical, accessible resource for managing today’s multicultural organizations. Revised, restructured, and refocused from its classic first edition, it introduces the revolutionary Cultural Orientations Inventory (COI), a unique and valuable tool for identifying critical skills gaps and practicing style-switching, potentially increasing effectiveness and improving performance. This fully updated edition revisits the first edition’s groundbreaking strategies and techniques, plus presents new tools developed in conjunction with Harvard University, Columbia University, ATT, and other leading universities and corporations. Concentrates on team building, executive development, problem solving, and other essential activities Features management and negotiation tips for global leaders Provides in-depth analyses of six key global regions

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